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About Lynne Bertram

lynne bertram real estate woodstock vt buyer broker buyer's agentHaving the right real estate agent means having an agent who is committed to helping you buy or sell your home with the highest level of expertise in your local market.  They are there to help you understand each step in the buying or selling process.  Lynne Bertram brings years of experience and knowledge of real estate and the local market.

Today buyers are using online methods like search engines, to find homes. They may be driving around and see a property on Zillow and call the agent to ask one or two questions but that’s it and they are gone. I prefer to build a relationship, something that rarely happens anymore.  In this modern, impersonal world I offer a personal service because that is the best way to find the right property, save time and money.

Knowledge and History

My family has a rich history steeped in and around Woodstock Vermont. It really is a special place with a lot to experience and enjoy. When I have a buyer we have an orientation showing them the different towns surrounding Woodstock and the amenities. They have the opportunity to learn about the area and ask questions. Once we are done exploring the surrounding communities I  bring them to my farm to enjoy home and hospitality. This is the kind of personal service you can expect.

Bunny Bertram and Suicide Six

bunny bertram suicide six skiing woodstock vermontMy father was the founder of Suicide Six Ski Area! In late 1933 Wallace “Bunny” Bertram was a ski instructor living in Woodstock, Vermont at the White Cupboard Inn owned by Robert and Elizabeth Royce. Winter business at the Inn was primarily members of the Amateur Ski Club of New York who came to ski the nearby hills. There were no lifts so all the skiing had to be “earned” by hiking up the hills.  

As winter started, the Royces and Bunny Bertram began discussing the possibility of some kind of lift that could pull skiers up the hill allowing more runs per day. They had heard about a rope tow powered by a car engine  in Quebec. The Royces obtained plans for the rope tow from the Quebec group and had a topological expert map out the hills around Woodstock that would be appropriate for such a lift. The expert identified six hills and numbered them on the map from one to six. Bunny Bertram was heavily involved in building that first lift, a 900 foot long rope tow powered by a Model T engine. The White Cupboard Skiway opened on January 18, 1934, charging $1 a day for use of the tow or fifty cents for a half day.

Bunny later made some changes to the original rope tow. Replacing the Model T engine with a more reliable electric motor. To make the rope easier to ride, he also improved the pulley mechanism based on a Ferris wheel he had observed.

Bunny didn’t stop there, he started looking for expansion possibilities. Legend has it that Bunny once remarked while looking at the steep northeast face of hill #6,  “it would be suicide to ski straight down that face.” Later in thinking up a name for his new expanded area he recalled his comment and remembered the power of alliteration learned from his time in a Dartmouth College English class: hence Suicide Six!

It is that kind of perseverance and passion I put into everything I do. Contact Lynne Bertram Real Estate today to start your journey!